Why QPass

QPass is a smart secure cloud-based people flow management application with facial AI attendance, facial analytics, temperature measuring and facial recognition access control system.

QPass application is designed to create a personalised experience for your residents, employees or visitors to move across various buildings, floors in a secure and authenticated manner while tracking information and sorting it on the cloud meanwhile also providing an extra level of security to the business.

QPass application is being used in state-of-the-art marquee buildings and enterprise organizations. It allows users to use the app on their Tablet, iPad or cell-phones to sign in through the access systems instead of carrying the old and outdated access cards. This revolutionary app has made verification relatively easier, with nothing much to equip and a lot of information to access within minutes.

About QPass

Simplifies access control

Users simply need to present themselves and if their image is recognized by the system, access is instantly granted. No PIN’s to enter or smart cards to present.

Zero Capex

To upgrade your standard access systems to smart access system it requires Zero Capex.

Cost effective

Eliminate the expenses and maintenance of printers, laptops and & id-cards.

Quick installation

Easy and quick installation of Q-pass hardware devices can be used to work with an existing access control system.

Seamless Integration

The q-pass device can be easily integrated with current access or security systems. It does not require you to replace the entire access or security systems.

Audit Trails

Unlike other electronic access systems where audit trails may only be just time stamped records of the coming and goings of people, facial recognition systems store images of all transactions.

Unique Credential

Because your face is your access credential, it cannot be duplicated nor lost or stolen.


Like in other electronic access control systems where parameters can be set to control doors based on presented credentials, facial recognition capable systems can be programmed to limit access to certain time periods and/or for specific persons.

QPass Experience

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