Visitor Management

It allows visitors to clock in and clock out without even touching the devices.

Why Choose QPass for your Visitor Management?

Signing in a register or manually feeding the data every time in the computer to issue an access or ID card is the old way of visitor management. Paper logs are shredded, and the data is lost forever. Cards, printers and other accessories are too expensive.

QPass application is a smart and affordable cloud based access system that generates QR code for seamless access for your visitor. It makes the process easy and swift for institutions and workplaces for easy check-in, check-out along with vehicle parking management process for your visitors, contractors or guests.

Digital Check-ins

QPass is the tool that enables use of digital passes and eliminating carrying physical cards or invitations.

Schedule Meeting

Easy clicks to generate QR code and schedule meeting using q-pass and notifying the guest through google or IOS calendar.

Touch-free Registration

Visitors can pre-register their meeting and get their QR code scanned at Security desk for their smooth and touch-less check-in and check-out.

Track your visitor

Get notification each time when the visitor enters the premise, parks his vehicle & reaches the reception desk

Data Management

The revolutionary data management system would help you extract the number of visitors who visited your premises at a particular day or time of a certain age group, gender etc.

Safe and secure Data

Storing your data on cloud is not only cost effective but it also manages to keep it safe and secure.

Remembers returning guests

QPass fetches previous guest’s data & information for faster Check-in and asks the user to update only required data.

Personalized Experience

QPass is a software designed to create a personalised experience for visitors by making the application communicate smoothly with the swing gates, elevators and the office doors.

QPass Experience

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