Vehicle Parking Management

Effective parking management is the direct consequence of a well-defined and well-established parking policy.

Why you need QPass to optimize your Parking Management?

QPass is a smart and unique parking management solution suitable for various parking spaces at Corporates, Malls, Airports or Private parking lots.

Most of these parking spaces are manually managed which makes the car parking process extremely chaotic. Introducing QPass parking management system, digitizes the end-to-end management of parking spaces. It eliminates manual monitoring and tracking of vehicles.

QR Code

Personal QR code for each employee hence eliminating the need for stickers.

Auto-Generated Passes

Visitor or Guest can request for parking, post filling the required details and can instantly generate the QR code-based pass.

Number Plate Scan

By just scanning the number plate the security personal can mark the check-in & checkout time.

Digital Payments

For pay and park, visitors can directly make e-payment using the application.

Track Empty Spaces

No more manual checking of empty space. Get the live report on empty and occupied parking spaces at your premises.

QPass Experience

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