Employee Management

It allows employees to clock in and clock out without even touching the devices.

Why Choose QPass for your Employee Management?

QPass uses artificial intelligence driven face recognition technology for employee identification and marking the attendance. It allows employees to clock in and clock out without even touching the devices, they just need to stand and let the device scan their face to get smooth and swift access.

This contactless technology will not only help to control employees work time, but also save business resources by automating the process. The system can simplify all the paperwork and time control, delivering accurate and valid information on employee hours worked.

Attendance Management

Only seconds for an employee to register their attendance using facial recognition system. Q-pass technology removes the need for old fashioned register, click, logins or id cards.

Liveness Detection

It prohibits using of photograph or a video to sham attendance, preventing fraud attendance entries.

Discards Buddy Punching

Eliminates the employee punching in and out on behalf of others.

Payroll integration

Easy and quick integration of attendance with the current payroll saving precious man-hours.


With comprehensive reporting capabilities, you can now track the log-in and log-out of employees, number of hours worked, calculate attendance-based wages, view the absent list etc.

Error Free & Accurate

The Facial recognition attendance system delivers accurate and real time data with minimal human intervention

QPass Experience

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