COVID like Pandemic Safe

QPass becomes one-point solution to all the requirement.

Why Choose QPass during Pandemic?

Many big institutions and workplaces used common finger biometric systems for security, attendance, and visitor management before the spread of COVID 19 Pandemic. Post the spread of pandemic these biometric systems were strictly prohibited and there was a major need for contactless security and access systems.

QPass becomes one-point solution to all the requirement. This technology can serve many purposes. It can be used for security, employee clock-in and clock-out procedures, verifying visitors, and that too contact-less. Using contactless technology lessens the chance of people spreading the virus to one another by touching a common surface.

Facial Recognition

AI driven facial recognition system with fever and face mask detection capabilities is a perfect solution to reduce the spread of viruses in every access point, in any premises and public areas such as modern workplaces, hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, metro stations, and shops, etc.

Contactless Access

Using an individual’s face as an access control credential eliminates the need for physical cards or PIN codes.

Identifies users with mask

QPass can identify users even when they are wearing mask.

Face mask Detection

It affirms the presence of face mask on the employee or visitor who is entering the premises.

Temperature Screening

Infrared sensor cameras instantly detect the body temperature of employees or visitors and quickly intimate the concerned person if the temperature is above the alarming level.

QPass Experience

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